Roman, his wife Oana, and myself made a cross country flight to Keene, NH today. We had brunch at a diner across the street from the airport – The Dinner Table Restaurant. Pretty good food I have to say!  We ended up doing 2.0 flying hours and since Roman had his new GoPro5, he was able to put together this awesome video. It went viral with over 28 views after just a couple of days of posting it on YouTube (mainly my mom).

Also foreflight was kind enough to record our flight path to and from KEEN.


Speeds & Headings


Working with true vs magnetic and course vs heading can be a bit confusing. This chart summarizes how these different terms come together. Course is what you plot on a sectional while heading is the direction you are pointed at – corrected for wind. Magnetic terms come into play when you correct for magnetic variation and deviation.