PA-28-161 checklist #2


So I didn’t like my first iteration much. You had to cut the paper to size and had to handle 3 sheets of paper which was a pain. Here is a second iteration of the checklist. It can be printed on a single double-sided letter sheet in landscape mode. This way you can just fold it in half and keep flipping it as you proceed through your flight. I divided it into 4 major chuncks so that the sheet “flipping” marks the transition from one chunk to another. These are

  1. interior/exterior checks
  2. start/runup
  3. take-off and cruising
  4. landing and taxi to ramp

It has also other refinements such as noting down the ATIS info in a up-to-down manner as oppose to right-to-left. Please feel free to download the pdf and make adjustments – such as swapping in the KBED airport diagram with your home airport’s. Always refer to the your plane’s POH as the ultimate source for checklists!


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