Flying shopping list …

Yes flying – in terms of rent and instruction – can be very costly.. But then you have all these other toys that you wish you had – and those also cost $$. I decided to make a list of these just to have something to look forward to. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Bose A20 w Bluetooth – $1100 –  If you have the amazon credit card, you can get 12 months financing on it without interest.
  • Stratux – $130 – The homebuilt ADS-B receiver would be a fun project to put together, 3d print a case for AND save money on the $800 Stratus 2.
  • Foreflight subscription – $100/yr – Students potentially get a better deal.
  • Ipad to run foreflight on – $ varies – Luckily I have one. It’s the wifi only version so will need to use gps through the Stratux.
  • GoPro’s – $400 – would be nice to start shooting some footage of the flights.
  • Always wanted to 3dprint a pad holder that can be attached to the yoke. But that won’t cost $$ – just the time to design something that works well. There are a few on Thingiverse but they didn’t excite me.

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