PA-28-161 checklist


Many of the checklists I came across were not super intuitive. They often lacked areas to take down notes or ATIS info. I went through the PA-28-161 POH and the East Coast Aero Club checklist for the same aircraft and put together my own. This checklist is designed specifically for KBED as a home airport but can be easily modified. This just helps me get organized as I am still a student pilot. The mini airport diagrams helped me visualize the taxiway instruction. Also marking them on the spot as they are given out over the radio means that I won’t mess them up during readback. Writing down some info from ATIS also helps keep them in memory. I tried to categorize them in a meaningful way: For instance, combining some of the takeoff items with the runup as they are usually performed while at the runup pad before holding short of the runway. A pdf of the checklist is available here. It should be printed on a letter size sheet. After cutting around the rectangular border, it should fit the ASA VRF kneeboard perfectly. See below. I am now working on adjusting the layout so it fits on a letter size sheet (both sides) without cutting.


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